Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Some people are just not nice, but...

... some toe-rag snapped off Rob's wing mirror from the car yesterday when he was delivering a present to a friend. It took some real doing and there were no other marks or scuffs on the car and the mirror part was not broken, just snapped off, so it looks like it was completely deliberate not an accident. I'm guessing anger management issues, or attempted thievery but I suppose it could have been pure spite, who knows. Maybe Rob inadvertently took someone's usual parking space *shrug*.

I honestly hope whoever did it manages to find their holiday spirit, wherever it may be buried, because I think one of the best things about Christmas and this holiday season is how so many people are good to each other. Giving is it's own reward, in all forms, well, it makes me happy, anyway.

That said, Rob, with the use of his 3D printer has fixed the wing mirror, so all is well. He had to make a special tool so he could put a huge spring back in place and then he found instructions on the internet to put the rest of it back together. There is a little bit of plastic broken off the inside, but the rest is intact, so no need for a whole new one. My husband is a bit of a genius *she says proudly*. :)

Happy day before Christmas Eve to everyone. *hugs*

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