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Anita Blake

I have redescovered my love for Anita Blake books, because of an HP/AB xover of all things. I started reading the books a couple of years ago, but I was distracted from them by something (can't remember what ::g::). I began reading them again the other day and I must say I'm really enjoying them.

I know that Anita is often held up there as the ulitmate Mary Sue, and boy does she have many of the characteristics, like, super powers and sleeping with just about every available male (well if you had three vampires, two wereleopards and a werewolf, wouldn't you take the lot? ::eg::), but the thing that makes me shy away from screaming Mary Sue at the top of my lungs is that I like her. My personal definition of a Mary Sue contains one simple clause - she's so good she's annoying, and quite frankly I don't find Anita annoying.

As for the accusation of self insert, then, yeah, I'd say LKH has an interesting fantasy life that Anita lives out :).

Anyway, now I have shared my new found joy, I shall let you return to the regularly scheduled HP channel ::g::.

[Edit: for those wondering which xover I'm talking about, I've actually been reading two, both WiPs. I've put links in a post further down, but am going to put them here as well.
Inevitable by Mhalachai &
Moon Shadows by lessthanlucid]
Tags: fandom: anita blake

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