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I managed a culinary success yesterday ...

It really wasn't hard, but it tasted fantastic.

When I was shopping on Monday, Morrisons had a mix and match 3 for £10 deal on some meats and I only needed two lots of the sausages that were on offer, so I bought a chicken as well. Now we rarely eat a roast chicken at home, so here I had a chicken in the fridge with no clue what would be best to do with it.

So I made it up :)

I took a deep roasting dish and placed the chicken in the middle. Then I mixed 100ml (approx - it was what I had left in the bottle in the fridge) white wine, a chicken stock cube and ~300ml warm water. Tipped it over the chicken, then scattered the chicken with dried rosemary and thyme and salt and pepper. Then I covered the top of the tin in foil and put in a low oven, about 125C, and left it for 5.5hrs. Then I whacked the oven up to 200C and cooked the chicken for another 0.5hr until golden brown. (I would have used the slow cooker for the long cooking, but I forgot to ask Rob to get it down from it's high perch and I was not standing on stools to get it down ;)).

Then I left the bird to rest for 20mins on a warm plate under foil and used the juices left in the roasting pan to make the gravy. Added a tablespoon of corn flour, some hot water and half a beef stock cube to up the flavour content.

I also now have lots of lovely, juicy chicken left over for a sandwich today :).

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