Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Current Birthdays for December

Happy Birthday to:

no_pickles, cynicalkarma626, clevermomi, jess_darkwater for the 1st,
onethirty, [personal profile] idaho, red_rahl, bbombay, wren_chan, chera, iantorules for the 2nd,
sexxypirate, nluvwanangel for the 3rd,
child_labor for the 4th,
dodorad, [personal profile] ghighines, seraphina_snape, oogies4u for the 5th,
allexandrya, sunhawk6498, bloodbath83 for the 6th,
angelsk, glorified2 for the 7th,
snarklebubbles, julietta_lynn, carolinelayf for the 8th,
carnimiriel, watchpoint, ayurubie, indigocat/[personal profile] indigocat for the 9th,
coniraya, [personal profile] rose_gialle, hazelhazard, pebblesandbam for the 10th,
thwax/[personal profile] thwax, babydracky, ariana_shade for the 11th,
konniemacian, [personal profile] weber_dubois22, taradiane, corsiva for the 12th,
nymphadora17, oconel/[personal profile] oconel for the 13th,
titti/[personal profile] titti, dirtykitchensex, karenfb, abremaline, havensfire, cleolinda for the 14th,
[personal profile] ishie for the 15th,
temaris/[personal profile] temaris, hitokuse, elliannna for the 16th

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