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Belated Birthday Wishes - October

Let's try this again because it posted it back dated.
This is number 3 of my catchup birthday posts.

Happy Birthday for October to:
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Title: New Beginnings
Author: Beren
Fandom: X-men First Class
Pairing: Erik/Charles
Rating: PG13

"Hello, Erik," Charles said without looking up from the small glowing globe hovering a few inches above his desk.

"How did you know it was me?" was the immediate question.

Now Charles looked up and smiled sadly at his one time friend.

"I heard someone and when you wear the helmet there is a void where you are supposed to be in my mind," he replied; "it is ... unpleasant. However, I have become used to it over the years."

Erik did not reply to that, just stood there in the doorway.

"What can I do for you, Erik?" he asked, feeling just a little nostalgic for the old days.

"You can tell me what that is," Erik replied, pointing at the globe.

"It is a gift from a new friend," Charles replied. "Why, does it disturb you?"

"I felt its effects half a continent away," was the surprising reply.

Charles looked back at the globe which twirled in place as if responding to him.

"I had no idea it was having any effects," he admitted honestly. "J'Mar said it would give me what I truly needed when I most needed it."

"Who is J'Mar?"

"I couldn't precisely say; a mutant, an alien, a pan-dimensional being. One or all possibly, but a friend."

"You always were too trusting."

"And you were always too quick to see the worst."

It was a familiar argument, had been for fifty years, and Erik stepped forward as Charles spoke. The globe lifted off the desk further and began to hum.

"Oh dear," Charles said because he was pretty sure it was far too late to stop what was about to happen.

"Charles," Erik said, coming towards him rather than running for the door, which said quite a lot when he thought about it.

Bright light flared from the globe and turned the room into a well of white and that was the last he knew.


Charles woke up on the floor, wearing a suit that did not fit and feeling like he had been hit over the head with something hard several times or been on a weeklong drinking spree. He also felt wrong and he wasn't sure why. As he pushed himself into a sitting position the first thing he saw was Erik sprawled on the carpet next to him.

He reacted without thinking and moved to his friend's side.

"Erik," he said, pulling off the ridiculous helmet the other man was wearing.

Almost instantly the feeling of wrongness went away, but his thoughts still felt like they were going round in a blender.

"Erik," he tried again, this time on a mental as well as a physical level.

Erik groaned.

"Charles?" came the confused question.

Erik opened his eyes and looked up at Charles and then frowned, looking around.

"How did we get into your study?" Erik asked.

He had been so worried about Erik that Charles had totally not thought about that. The last thing he remembered was being in a crashed plane.

"Um," he said and looked around the room. "And why is there a wheelchair next to my desk?" he added.

The thing was, it looked like his study, but he definitely had no idea what the small, flat box was on his desk, nor how there was a screen that looked more like a mirror hanging on one wall.

"My clothes don't fit," he said rather lamely and cast his mind outwards.

It probably wasn't the wisest thing to do given his mental state and all he got back was confusion. He groaned quietly as pain throbbed through his brain at the ill advised adventure.

"Charles," Erik said, placing a hand on his arm, "are you alright?"

Erik's presence became very bright in his consciousness and in his muddled mind everything he had been repressing since the moment he had met the other man bubbled to the top of his mind. He looked into Erik's blue-green eyes and everything else seemed so very far away. Had he been thinking correctly he would never have acted on the want that daggered through him, but his mind was all over the place and common sense was a long way off.

"Please don't kill me," he said and then leaned in to his friend.

Erik went completely still as Charles' lips made contact, but Charles did not pull away. He could feel the shock and confusion, but there was no outright objection and he waited for Erik to come to a decision. In the end he didn't have to do anything because the moment Erik decided he found himself being pushed back onto the floor with a very enthusiastic Erik right on top of him. From everything that was coming from Erik's mind, which Charles really had no way to stop entering his head, Charles realised he wasn't the only one who had been repressing.

They were very much into a very passionate kiss and Erik had developed a very pleasing case of wandering palms when the door to the room slammed inwards.

"Professor," someone called out, "Jean says Magneto is ..."

Whoever it was stopped talking very suddenly and Charles managed to get a look at a younger man with red spectacles as Erik pulled back and glared at the interloper.

"Who are you and what have you done with Professor Xavier?" the young man demanded, hand going to his glasses.

"Erik, no," he said before Erik could send the young man flying backwards by his belt buckle. "Um, I'm afraid I am Professor Xavier, I'm not sure who you are looking for. Who might you be?"

"Cyclops," was the terse reply, "and you are not Professor Xavier."

"I can assure you I am," Charles replied, "but we seem to have been shifted in space. The last thing we remember is being in a plane in Cuba. We're somewhat at a loss to explain how we got here."

"Kissing isn't a usual reaction to being lost," Cyclops pointed out.

Charles felt himself blushing. His thoughts were still a little haywire, but he couldn't regret the kissing, only the embarrassment.

"Yes, um, well, my friend, you see ..."

"Charles, allow me," Erik said. "You, Cyclops, where are we?"

"Xavier's school for gifted youngsters," Cyclops replied, "and I won't let either of you hurt any of the students."

"Wouldn't dream of it," Charles said, very confused.

"What year is it?" Erik asked next and it hadn't even occurred to Charles.

"Two thousand and twelve," was the terse response.

"Bloody hell," Charles said and decided he wanted to be on his feet for any more revelations.

The suit really didn't fit correctly. It was too loose on the belt, too tight on the legs and the jacket and shirt were baggy across his shoulders. He was ready to launch into a whole slew of questions when another presence touched his mind. The only other telepathic mind he remembered connecting to was Emma Frost's and yet there was something about the current touch that seemed familiar. He allowed the contact without even questioning it, as if it was as natural as breathing.

[Professor?] a female voice said in his mind.

[Yes,] he replied. [Do I know you? I feel as if I should know you.]

[You taught me everything I know,] came the gentle response. [My name is Jean.]

[Do you know what has happened, Jean?]

[I felt something from you a few minutes ago,] she replied, [but I don't know what it was. If you let me in I will see if I can find out.]

With his instincts ahead of his mind, Charles felt Jean slipping further into his thoughts before he had consciously made the decision to allow it. His recent memories flew through his head at incredible speed and the only thing that kept him grounded was the sense of Erik so close to his side. Jean was as equally open with herself as he was being with her and he gained an impression of a long friendship and more history than he could assimilate at once.

[I am coming,] was all Jean said when they withdrew into their own minds.

"Charles," Erik looked worried as Charles came back to himself, but luckily hadn't done anything rash because Charles realised quite how powerful Cyclops, or rather, Scott actually was.

"I am fine, my friend," he promised and then looked at Scott, "I have been communing with Jean."

"What..?" was as far as Scott got before Jean appeared in the doorway.

"They are the Professor and Magneto," Jean said with perfect conviction, "they have been regressed to their selves in 1962."

"What?" Scott demanded, but Charles just looked at Erik.

'Magneto' he mouthed and Erik looked vaguely guilty. They were going to have to talk about that at some point.

After that it was all a bit of a blur. Scott took them to some very impressive labs and there were tests and questions and Charles point blank refused to allow Erik out of his sight. His only constant was Erik and, even though they were clearly in his house, his school, most of his focus was on the other man.

"What I truly need when I most need it," he said out loud just as Hank was waving another machine in his direction.

"Pardon, Charles?" Hank asked.

He wasn't sure what he meant so he just said it again and he felt something shift in his chest. He gasped as a little glowing globe shimmered through his skin and then hovered just in front of him. It flashed once and then blinked out of existence, leaving him with a profound sense of purpose.

"Where is my room?" he asked and looked directly at Hank.

"But you can't ..." Hank started to say, so Charles uncharacteristically picked the information right out of his old friend's head.

"We have matters to attend to," he said, hopping off the bench on which he was sitting, "we'll see you later."

Then he grabbed Erik's hand and headed for the door. It seemed no one was brave enough to stop him.

"What are we going to do, Charles?" Erik asked, but did not try and stop him either.

"What we should have done the first time," he replied, still unsure of all the details of what had happened, but knowing he would not let it happen again.

"And that is?"

Rather than reply he gathered up all the varied fantasies he had had of Erik since they met, even the downright filthy ones, and provided Erik with every last one of them. To his credit Erik only fell over his feet twice as they hurried towards the elevator.

"Are you sure that is even physically possible?" Erik asked, sounding out of breath after the last, particularly perverse, offering.

"Shall we find out?" Charles replied.

He was young again in a world he had no way of understanding, but that would come later. All he wanted right at that moment was Erik.

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