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Belated Birthday Wishes - September

This is my second belated Happy Birthday post, there will be two more, one for October and one for November.

Happy Birthday for September to:
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Title: Gifts
Author: Beren
Fandom: Avengers
Pairing: none
Rating: PG

The box showed up out of nowhere in the middle of the Avengers' Tower (Tony had promised to build Pepper her very own one somewhere else) living room. It was green and black with gold edging and was rather worryingly the same size as a human being. Really it wasn't subtle at all and Tony had no doubt who it was from.

"Thor," he said as they all stood around the box looking at it, "just how crazy is your brother and could that really be a person?"

"Such a thing is not beyond him," Thor admitted, "but if he had wished to horrify, I do not know why he would not have simply sent a dismembered corpse."

That was so nice to know.

"We should call SHIELD," Natasha said.

"And have them do what?" Tony replied. "We have everything here they have up there because I designed half of it."

"Look, there's a card," Bruce said, standing well back and heading off the argument before it could get going.

"I shall read it," Thor declared and went to step forward.

"Woah, Death Metal," Tony said, but it was too late, Thor had picked up the note.

Nothing exploded or did anything remotely peculiar so the rest of the room sighed with relief.

"It is Loki's hand," Thor declared.

Ever since Thor had returned with news that Loki had escaped and thoroughly disappeared, the demi-god had seemed somewhat subdued. The whole box thing actually seemed to be improving his mood.

"What does it say?" Steve asked.

"My Dear Avengers, Happy Birthday or some equally ridiculous Midgardian tradition," Thor read, "I send you a gift. SHIELD have been hiding things from you, it would be wise to start asking questions."

Once again Thor acted before anyone could stop him. The Asgardian took hold of the top of the box and pulled it off. Tony made a mental note to explain once again the humans did not do so well with explosive magics when there was a huge bang and everyone threw themselves to the floor.

The fact that they all picked themselves up again only to find they were covered in glitter and golden sprinkles might have been embarrassing if they hadn't been dealing with Loki.

"Now this is more disturbing than the whole alien army thing," Tony said as he brushed himself off. "Is your little brother repressed and trying to tell us something?"

Thor looked at him blankly for the question.

"He showered us with glitter," Tony hinted, but it didn't seem to make any difference to Thor.

"Stark, shut up," Natasha instructed.

"Yeah, what's in the box?" Clint agreed.

There was a groan, a vaguely familiar groan and suddenly everyone was rushing back to the side of the box. There amongst green silk was one very not dead Agent Coulson and he appeared to be just starting to wake up. The man was in a hospital gown that had been slit down the front and there was a large gold scar in the centre of his chest.

"Son of Coul," Thor all but boomed, "you yet live."

Coulson winced and opened his eyes. He looked up at everyone staring down at him, then at where he was lying.

"Would someone please explain why I am in a gift box," Coulson said in what was a good imitation of his usual calm tone.

"Loki," Natasha said simply.

"They told us you were dead, Agent," Tony said, really not sure what to think.

Frowning, Coulson sat up.

"I was stabbed," was all the man said.

"That was three months ago, Sir," Clint said and looked to Tony like he was trying very hard not to hug Coulson.

"Loki appears to have healed you," Thor said, "that is his mark. I have only seen him heal twice before, but it had that residue."

"But why...?"

A card appeared floating in front of him just as Tony started to ask why Loki would do that.

"There is much you do not know and cannot yet understand," he read without being stupid enough to touch it; "there is much that needs to be done. I seek an alliance. I will contact you again in one week."

The card went up in a bright flame and vanished without trace, leaving everyone staring at where it had been.

"Well that's new," Bruce commented.

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