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Belated Birthday Wishes - August

I managed to become so very, very behind on birthdays this year, so much so that I'm months behind. Hence I am playing catch up with the months. Since it's so late I've written a little fic for the bottom to try and make up for it. There will be one post per month I have missed.

Happy Birthday for August to:
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I hope you all had a good one.

Title: The Key
Author: Beren
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG

Harry looked down at the parcel in his lap rather stupidly.

"What's this for?" he asked, taking in the bright wrapping paper and big floppy bow.

"It a birthday present," Draco told him.

"But my birthday was last month."

Draco gave him a look that said, 'go on, state the obvious again, I dare you'. He wisely decided not to argue. Instead he pulled on one end of the bow. It came undone and threw little sparks into the air as it did so. Harry looked at his boyfriend and lifted an eyebrow.

"It came that way and it was the only ribbon in the right colour," Draco said and Harry was absolutely positive that wasn't true, but let it go anyway.

He and Draco had been dancing around each other for the past two years and he'd finally been drunk enough to pluck up enough courage to ask the other man out two weeks previously. Mostly they'd been having sex, falling out of bed to go to work, returning to one of their places and having sex again since that night. Draco called it making up for lost time. The present giving was a break from the routine.

Opening the paper carefully Harry discovered a very elegant, silk scarf, embroidered in a fashionable Wizarding style. He also didn't miss the protection runes sewn into the hem.

"It's beautiful," he said and pulled it out of the paper, at which point something else fell out of the folds.

What he found in his lap was a large scarf pin that matched the other item perfectly. When he picked it up, however, he felt magic, familiar magic. Harry had been an Auror for five years and he had come into contact with many forms of magic which he had learned to recognise. It was almost an automatic response to memorise any magic with which he interacted and the pin felt like Draco.

"Are you going to tell me what it does or do I have to guess?" he asked, knowing it was important by the way Draco was pretending that it wasn't.

"Oh, it's just a key," Draco said in an offhand tone.

If that wasn't a giveaway, Harry didn't know what was.

"And?" he prompted gently.

"It will allow you entrance into the Manor through the security wards," Draco said; "it'll make it much easier on me. I won't have to keep setting them so you can come in."

Harry felt his heart thud in his chest because it was a huge step really. The fact that they'd only been official for two weeks was neither here nor there, even Ron had sighed in relief when they had finally got together, but this was saying it was far more than a little fling. Harry never went into relationships without his whole heart, it was just the way he was, but he knew for a fact Draco guarded his carefully. This gesture said so much more than simple words.

"Well, whatever makes your life easier is good with me," he said, playing to Draco's opening.

Then he reached into his own pocket and pulled out a small keyring which he'd had made up the previous day. That they were both on the same page was a little breathtaking.

"It might be easier if you could get into my place too," he said and held up the brand new key.

Draco looked surprised, then pleased and then once again Slytherin.

"Easier, yes," Draco said and accepted the key.

They might both be British males and incapable of talking about their feelings thanks to their childhoods, but Harry was pretty sure they were communicating okay.

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