Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Nano - back on track - phew

I have not been able to write anything for the past three days because I've been preparing for, or had the in-laws to stay. It was a fab weekend, but it put me way behind. However, I just poured out over 3.5K in a little over two hours to get back up to speed :).

The break actually seemed to help with the flow, surprisingly. Maybe my brain needed time to juggle some things around? Who knows.

If I can write the same again tomorrow I will be very happy and back ahead of the game again. Actually if I can write the same every day this week I will be most pleased. I still have one section where I don't actually know what to put in it, however. I know where it's set and the overall gist, but no idea what the details are. Once I do I think there are 10K words just waiting to happen :). I may cogitate on it this evening while Rob and I are clearing out our bedroom so it's ready for the new carpet coming Wednesday.

You never know, maybe I will find inspiration in the dust bunnies under the bed ;).

I hope all you other nanoers are doing well. *hugs*

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