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Non-US self-pubs needing tax numbers - this is the easy way.

Did this today so had to share. Half of you probably already know all this, but for those that don't, here you go.

So, self-pubs, have you tried to get an ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number) - absolutely a nightmare yes.

Guess what, you don't need one. What you need is an EIN (Employers Identification Number) that a nice person will give you over the phone! No need for forms or photo ID or anything like that.

For info read this: - because this is how easy it is.
Then this: - because it is much more detailed and has lots of useful info. It also tells you how to fill in the W8-BEN form as well. (P.S. the phone menu has changed, this post says hit 2 for EIN, it's 3 now).

If you don't have a company, you just give them your own name when they ask if there is a company.

I got the feeling on the phone that the lovely lady I spoke to had fielded a lot of these calls lately. So much easier! It took me ten mins on the phone, that's all. Then you fill in the W8-BEN forms for everywhere you want to be paid from and post them.

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