Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Thank god, July is over ... *falls in a heap*

So the Giveaway Games is finally over and I'm knackered. During July I produced 101025 wds in 14 stories, two of which were double length.

What I have learned this month:
1) I can write a short story (up to 7.5K wds) in about four hours
2) I can write a novellete (7.5K - 17.5K wds) in one day
3) I can write a short novella (~20K wds) in two days
4) Sometimes I'd really rather not write at all, but I can make myself do it :P

I also now have formatting of ebooks down to a fine art ;).

It was quite a challenge, but also a lot of fun in places, but I'm glad it's over ;)

Now all Soph and I have to do is step back, then re-edit and reformat all the stories as anthologies. We're going to be adding forewords to them all, proper covers that reflect the genre and things like that.

For those who entered the competitions, Soph is sorting all that out at the moment.

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