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Am feeling quite proud of myself ...

I have just gone through all my fiction posts on this LJ and tried to reply to every comment I had missed. I do hope I found them all. Some were from March last year! Heaven knows how I managed to miss them in the first place. From 209 LJ comment in my inbox I now have six. Admittedly there are some conversations that I just deleted because they are so old they don't mean anything anymore, but most of them were fic comments I had to reply to. Am ashamed that I had so many outstanding, but pleased with myself for finally catching up :).

On a different note of a similar ilk, I only have ten friends spots left; I'm up to 740 and I've cleared out most of my comms to another LJ already. Ah well I have a few more I can shift over.

[Edit: Moved the first twenty or so blue arrows (i.e. I had them friended and they did not have me) over to my comms journal so have breathing space back again ::g::]

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