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Today's Giveaway #31 The Beginning - Part 2 AND A New Path

Today we have two shorts for you. One is the second half of mine from yesterday, the other is one of Sophs. They're both packaged in the same eBook, so you still only have to download one.

We know the site was down earlier (small snafu with the code), very sorry, it's all up and working now. It's to do with the fact we had originally planned for June, which has 30 days and then moved to July which has 31 and guess what we forgot to change - oops.

Wittegen Press Giveaway Games
Giveaway: 31st Jul 2012 BST
Day 31: TWO Giveaways: The Beginning - Part 2

Natasha Duncan-Drake
A New Path
Sophie Duncan

To celebrate our last Giveaway Day and to thank all of you who have joined us on our month-long games, we have TWO giveaways today!

The Beginning - Part 2

Nate hunts vampires solo. It makes his life less complicated. He has a new target and is ready to take them down, only in steps Lexie. Nate really, really does not need an unarmed woman to mess up his hunt, especially when she claims to be a witch and is determined to come with him.

Part 1 was available yesterday (30th July 2012) if you missed it, please contact us at

Prequel to Advent by Natasha Duncan-Drake


A New Path

After defeating The Scion, Zac Kithrall and Damon Wulfres must adapt to their new life as a gestalt greater than the demon-seer and shadow-hunter magic they each possess. Yet, Zac had another premonition and when Damon discovers that he poses a danger to Zac, he must chose his new path carefully.

This story is a sequel to The End of The Journey by Sophie Duncan, which was published earlier in the Giveaway Games, if you missed it, please contact us at

Part of The Wittegen Press Giveaway Games July 2012

Genre: Young Adult, (Paranormal, Vampire), (Contemporary Fantasy)

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