Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

In case you were wondering ...

I have not vanished off the face of the planet :).
I was away all weekend and came back from SG-9 with a cold (looks hard at leyenn and starlaces - it was one of you who gave it to me, I know it was!) so I was mostly in bed feeling sorry for myself for two days. Then yesterday all the new office furniture arrived at work so we were somewhat disrupted. Normal viewing has now been restored so I'm trying to catch up on what I've missed. The furniture people tried to put my desk facing a corner again, but the other guys in the office helped me move it so I have my own little cubby hole now ::g::. I get completely paranoid if I can't see the rest of the room - stems from my mutual hatred with my PhD supervisor and I just can't shake it, even though the environment in which I work now is lovely and nothing like postgrad was at all.
*hugs to one and all*

1) Worked on a school experiment that went up on the Space Shuttle
2) Been on TV with Heinz Wolff to promote the Anglo/Russian Juno project with same experiment that went up on the Shuttle, and had to stuff finger in the side of said experiment to prevent liquid from running out so that we could manually set it up when the mechanism failed in an attempt to make it look like it worked when they cut back to us after the weather.
3) Nearly fainted when serving (helping the vicar move books, the wine and water and waffers etc) at 8 o'clock communion, actually managing to move the prayer book and lecturn around without being able to see because my vision had silvered out.
4) Laughed hysterically for a good 25 minutes because twin sister ran into a wall with her head while playing indoor rounders
5) Pulled the bishop's eyebrows when being Christened
6) Totally failed to recognise Andy Serkis (Gollum) at a convention I was working at when asked directions
7) Spent a large percentage of honeymoon walking around Vancouver going "that spot was in such-and-such episode of Highlander"
8) Had then fiance get down on one knee in a river to propose because I had decided the collest place to sit was on a rock in said river while on a walk over Exmoor
9) Had all my toes deliberately broken and reset so I could walk on the balls of my feet rather than the side
10) Passed my driving test on April 1st (yes I know a 356th of you could have done the same, but I still rather like that fact ::g::)

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