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Today's giveaway 06: The Name Is the Game pt1

Today' freebie is part 1 of 2 because Soph fails at writing short stories ;). Tomorrow will be part 2.

Wittegen Press Giveaway Games
Giveaway: 06th Jul 2012 BST
Day 06: The Name Is The Game - Part 1

Sophie Duncan

Paul and Amanda are war orphans, brought up in a system of wardenship where, at 18, they would have to go their separate ways to train on placement programmes. Paul and Amanda want to stay together and a friend, Warden Gard, has managed to find them a special placement together working for the reclusive Carmen Torris, who owns one of the few old houses left after the war.

It is a dream come true.

That dream turns to nightmare when the truth of Carmen's nature is revealed and, trapped under evil's roof, the couple must struggle even to be together, let alone fight their captor.


Part of the Wittegen Press Giveaway Games July 2012
Genre: Paranormal, Vampire

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