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Birthdays May 14th - July 8th

So I've managed to get way, way, way behind. My apologies.

skyelight2x1, billistmeinherz, raven_mcbain, [personal profile] catty_the_spy for the 14th,
selana1505, dameange, smithereen, [personal profile] billxbesitztxmeinxherz for the 15h,
aspiringdaxzy, flamingpants, mefeather, villes_muse, [personal profile] scaramouch81 for the 17th,
southernjade, silverhope2, jakisbishlygay, me_lon, nikibee, emeraldpink, [personal profile] nikibee for the 18th,
amariel for the 19th,
mellamin, blackiesdungeon for the 20th,
laitiane, ladyminya, [personal profile] janebuzjane for the 21st,
doylefan22 for the 22nd,
mangobiscuit for the 23rd,
scary_rob, jewelle_sprite, naruke_chan, ragdollwhore, [personal profile] calime for the 24th,
desolate_noir, heard_the_owl for the 25th,
hellish_icons, laila2605, nursedarry/[personal profile] nursedarry for the 26th,
magdelena1969 for the 27th,
ravenpan, saladbats, mctabby/[personal profile] mctabby for the 28th,
falconoflight, tsukinobun, [personal profile] thegingerninja for the 29th,
blackshadow_cat, red_phoenyx for the 30th,
ohevet_likro/[personal profile] ohevet_likro, honeynougat, theskyturnsred, stefanieg for the 31st

hey_mockingbird, secret_zephyr, hey_mockingbird for the 1st,
pinkmeltingpot for the 2nd,
laeb, sleepytee, elrienne for the 3rd,
djin7, evening_rose, kokamo for the 4th,
toyish, calenia, pureblood_queen for the 5th,
confusedreality/[personal profile] confusedreality, halatia, the_red_queen, morganmuffle/[personal profile] morganmuffle, drjenny88, salviag for the 6th,
melted_snowdrop, kitty_z_finn, vlredreign for the 7th,
redbitez, queixo, darks_nightsky for the 8th,
the_gwyllion, prozacnation, prozacnation, firredheadedelf, [personal profile] madam_minnie for the 9th,
kimra_dattei, meninaiscrazy, titacats/[personal profile] titacats for the 11th,
calanor/[personal profile] calanor, kitsune, nevcolleil, bishieobsessed for the 12th,
bogan for the 13th,
demonesskage, [personal profile] writing_pumpkin, [personal profile] ladyphoenixfyre for the 14th,
talaria_now for the 15th,
kissmyassterisk, ai_no_ame, [personal profile] redarf75> for the 16th,
psychicherz, [personal profile] tatgoat for the 17th,
tabitharjones, aphy_snape, agreva for the 18th,
allika, erestor_and_fin, kawaiililme for the 19th,
dramaticpirate, feltons_world, kaalee for the 20th,
tootiredtosleep/[personal profile] tootiredtosleep for the 21st,
lolipop_gestapo, the4ts/[personal profile] the4ts, myjadedhavok, [personal profile] perotessad for the 23rd,
lirren/[personal profile] lirren, alafairnadia, [personal profile] jeannie81 for the 24th,
schulyr, missmarauder2 for the 25th,
cydonianknight, askani for the 26th,
fade_into_dark, leianora, [personal profile] goldylost for the 27th,
harrysdragoness, remy_jen, danishgirl, ellione for the 28th,
dmitchell1985 for the 29th,
kiana, pearl_star for the 20th,

< b>July</b>
silver89kitten, [personal profile] dariasilver for the 1st,
tarotgoddess108, rigel7 for the 2nd,
lasairfhiona, yougouptown, arderei, kitchensink13, callili, [personal profile] jazz, [personal profile] callywaggy for the 3rd,
thorlay/[personal profile] thorlay for the 4th,
digitalwave/[personal profile] digitalwave, ellethgur for the 5th,
ctpaul860, maddirose, ctpaul860, lattebiscotti, [personal profile] bethac for the 6th and
lillian78 for the 8th

Many Happy Returns to you all.

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