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WP Giveaway Games - shout out to all book peeps

Okay, so further to my previous post about

COMING SOON: Wittegen Press Giveaway Games July 2012
(LJ | DW)

this is a shout out to all book peeps. We're looking to hook up with other book giveaways/competitions happening in July. If you look at our giveaway site you'll see we have a prominent section called 'Other Giveaways' that we would really like to fill. The idea is you tell us when your giveaway is, we pop everything in our DB and on the right days the right giveaways/competitions will show up.

The only thing we ask is that no giveaway info has adult language and if your button shows a cover that, that cover fulfils Amazon rules (i.e. no explicitly pornographic images).

Please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested. Thank you.

Giveaway Linkback the details

What we need from you (please send to
  • A button graphic that represents your giveaway of 100x100px (if you don't have the capacity to make one of these, please contact us anyway and we'll see if we can help)
  • Your giveaway URL
  • The start date of your giveaway
  • The number of days your giveaway will be running
  • Your giveaway name
How to link back to us:
  • Copy and paste the following code and put it somewhere on your giveaway page.

This is what the button will look like.

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