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100Things #8 My Perfect Vampire

So I've done the post about what a vampire has to have for me to really enjoy them as a character, now I'm going to describe my perfect vampire. Now, I'm not saying this would make him a great character, just listing what pushes all my buttons :). Hence this is likely to be a very shallow post and I regret nothing.

First of all, he has to be nice to look at. I want my vampire to be a pretty boy. What is the point in having supernatural powers if you can't make yourself look good? ;) I'm thinking Tom Hiddleston's cheek bones and smile (now there's a man who could carry off a vampire snarl *points left*), James McAvoy's eyes, things like that.

I also want him to have a nice body. Not Chris Hemsworth sculpted (that's for the werewolves ;)), but lean and gently muscled rather than being ripped. When the while poet's shirt falls open as he steps off the balcony I want something to see, but there should be quiet strength, not in your face BAMF even though his supernatural nature means he could squash most people like a bug.

He should also be tall. I have nothing against short vampires; if James McAvoy ever plays a vampire I will be an incredibly happy bunny, but for this exercise he should be tall. He needs to be able to loom and look down his aristocratic nose at people.

His hair should be medium length; long enough to run fingers through and tie back into a short ponytail where wisps can fall out around his lovely cheekbones. It should also be dark, but not black.

He should have a hint of fangs all the time so that when he smiles it's just a little dangerous and those fangs should lengthen when he's hungry or horny. His beautiful blue eyes should change colour as he lets the vampire out, gaining an unearthly golden glow. There should also be levels of vamped out;
  • seduction level (human with short fangs and gently glowing eyes)
  • feeding level (human with long fangs and brightly glowing eyes)
  • you have just pissed me off prepare to die level. (slightly demonic with really vicious fangs)

The sun should bother him, but without the whole spontaneously combusting thing. Midday is not his favourite time, but he can go outside as long as he's not sunbathing.

Now to his character :)

He should have a brain; no dumb vampires please. He needs to be at least a couple of hundred years old and no one stupid is going to survive that long on his own. Manners would be a plus too. If he's been seducing his way into beds for nightly feeding, manners are required. A man of sophistication and wit with a dry sense of humour.

I'd like him to be slightly totured. Not all whiny and oh woe is me, but a little out of time and with heavy memories of those he has lost. He's almost at peace with what he is and he recognises that his 'victims' are mostly willing, they just don't expect the bite after sex. Occasionally his conscience gets the better of him, but he's practical, so not often.

He doesn't go around killing people for the hell of it, but he's not above doing it if necessary. He does his best to live within modern law, but if you put him or his in danger all bets are off. He's not a gung ho hero though, he'd rather stay in the shadows, but he's not afraid of doing what needs to be done.

So, there you go, my perfect vampire (he's probably be insufferable :)), tell me about yours. Share with me your idea of the perfect gentleman/lady of the night. This entry was originally posted at
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