Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

A question about Jotun (Frost Giants)

Okay, so I was watching Thor again (as one does) and had a thought.

In Thor there is a point when Volstagg is injured (frost bite) by being touched by a Jotun, the same way Loki happens to go blue.

Now I've read fanfic where any Jotun touch will do this, but I was wondering, is it just their use of ice as a weapon. Both Loki and Volstagg were being attacked at the time so it would make sense that that is what caused the reaction.

So basically my question is, which is correct:
1) contact with Jotun skin causes frost bite
2) Jotun can cause frost bite with their touch if they want to?

Given the fact that Laufey touches Odin while Odin is in Odin sleep, you could say it has to be 2), but that could have just been the healing field Odin was under countering it.

I'm over thinking this, aren't I ;)

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