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100Things #6 Favourite Vampire Movie Ever (so far)

So I've talked about the vampire movie that started my obsession with those of a fangy disposition. Today I want to talk about my fav vampire movie. The Lost Boys almost had it and it's definitely right there near the top, but it was pushed off the number one spot by another movie. There's not much in it, but there is a vampire movie I love just a little bit more.

Many people seemed to agree with me when it came to The Lost Boys, but I don't expect as many to agree with me on this one. It's all to do with my own personal loves when it comes to tropes.

My favourite vampire movie is *drum roll* (please be aware there are spoilers below the cut):

[Find out my choice below the cut]Underworld.

I love this film for many, many reasons.
  1. There is equal opportunities nakedness (i.e. it's not just the girls who take their clothes off).
  2. Selene totally kicks arse and I've always liked Kate Beckinsale.
  3. Scott Speedman (Michael) is gorgeous (okay so several of these reasons are rather shallow ;))
  4. Vampires vs werewolves - how can it be wrong?
  5. The vampire hierarchy is really well done.
  6. Bill Nighy is brilliant as Viktor.
  7. I love the fact that Michael spends most of the movie going WTF and being lost in the whole mess.
  8. I also love the fact that Michael spends a good percentage of the movie chained up (yep, we're back to the shallow).
  9. The effects are beautifully done.
  10. And this is the one that really swings it, because it is one of my all time favourite tropes: Halfbreed, they did the halfbreed thing and that just makes me all kinds of happy.
There are other movies that are also among my favs, but Underworld won out. Here are a selection of the ones I really like.
So, now you know my favourite, please tell me about yours and why it has a special place in your heart. I would love to hear you wax lyrical.
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