Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

TW: Birthdays for 16th - 22nd Apr :)

Why did no one tell me I'd forgotten the Birthdays? ;P

I really have a brain like a sieve! :) This week I blame it on Tom Hiddleston for being so hot and charming and distracting me in pictures.

Happy Birthday to:

papermulberry, wolvies_wench, stepmnstr and the lovely leyenn/[personal profile] leyenn for the 16th,
chelidona for the 17th,
yumrecs and dreamcaster555 for the 18th,
luninosity for today,
okinay and yllyana for tomorrow,
alternateyou, lexin/[personal profile] lexin, zedmeister, undrockroll/[personal profile] undrockroll and florahart/[personal profile] florahart for the 21st and
awakencordy, lexstar29, camillezjohnson and [personal profile] letsgofriday for the 22nd

Many Happy Returns to you all.

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