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TW: 100Things #1 My 'In' to the Love of Vampires

So vampires are undead creatures who drink blood - not an overly appealing initial description, right? When I was little vampires terrified me just like all other horror tropes. I enjoyed the odd Hammer Horror film with Dracula, but I could take or leave vampires as much as any other girl.

Then "The Lost Boys" happened.

It was the mid 80s and suddenly vampires were sexy - bad, but still sexy. That was it, I was hooked and I have never looked back. I had never heard the term fanfiction, but I was definitely writing it at the time. I have notepads full of it and no, you can't see it, although I do have to proudly report - no Mary Sue ;) (that came later in my Star Trek writing :P).

I'm not sure what about this film so caught me, or why it sparked a life long obsession. Maybe it spoke to a spark of teenage rebellion (I hate to admit it, I was a terribly nice, conformist teenager). Maybe it was the cool supernatural stuff going on. Or maybe it was that Kiefer Sutherland, Brooke McCarter, Billy Wirth and Alex Winter were incredibly hot with glowing eyes and teeth. I was also totally down with their fashion sense :).

Whatever it was, I rooted for Michael and Star while watching to movie, but all of my fanfic is about bringing back David and the boys. The vampires were my obsession and I was quite disappointed Michael wasn't one any more, okay, make that a lot disappointed. I do have to admit, I always brought them back not so bad, just wild ;).

If you have not seen "The Lost Boys" you are a) missing out on a classic and b) missing out on pure 80s. It is a must see for every vampire fan. I have seen this movie in all it's forms, cinema cut, VHS cut, TV cut and DVD extra scenes. I can quote it :). If you haven't seen it, add it to your 'to watch' list now.

As for the 2 sequels:

The second movie "Lost Boys: The Tribe" is pure drivel. It's terrible and is ultimately boring. If you have to watch the beginning to get the characters and then skip to the end just to watch the big climax (which is more of a meh than a bang). The only good things about it are Corey Feldman and some of the background characters. This film should be buried and forgotten.

The third film Lost Boys: The Thirst is back on form and vampire fans should definitely watch it. Lots of fun with lots of vampire action. Not as good as the original, but well on the way :).

So, now you know what my "in" to the vampire genre was, tell me, if you are a vampire fan, what is yours. If you're not a vampire fan, tell me why not and let me convince you otherwise ;P.

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