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Free books on Amazon sales analysis - Month 3

I'm not really sure anyone is interested any more, but I shall carry on regardless :).

For those wondering what on earth I'm going on about, I have been analysing my sales figures after having Amazon price match one of my free titles and hence upping my profile on their site.

An interesting result this month

My overall sales are up by 5%.
The sales of the book in the same series as the free book were down 14%.
My sales not counting the series with the free book were up 87%.

So it's still looking like a very worthwhile endeavour. We're still not talking huge numbers here, but while it's going up I'm ecstatic :).

I have just added a new book which I'm going to do the same thing with, i.e. it's the first in the series and I will attempt to have Amazon price match it to free just in time for when I put the second book up.

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