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So the new novelette (Me, Myself and I) I've just finished (will be out as soon as I have come up with a cover - shall go an check my naked men folder momentarily) is about an actor who plays a supervillain and ends up in the world of his movies. No, the idea didn't occur to me first as fanfic, why do you ask? *shifty eyes* :P

Rob's been reading 'Me, Myself and I' for me to check for any plot holes or things that make him go 'huh?' (Soph does that too, but she knows fandom and so doesn't recognise things incomprehensible to those who don't hang out on LJ and Tumblr :)).

I think he was a little disappointed when the m/m sex appeared (he's cheerfully corrupted to the slash, but I think he was fooled into thinking it was plain old sci-fi to begin with), but I write to my strengths ... anyway, for the premise I needed some superhero movies, so I made up my superheroes/villain, gave them powers, came up with vague plots for the films, threw in a vampire for good measure (what? I like vampires.) - y'know the kind of thing. They have really corny names: 'Power Up: Origins', 'Power Up II: Team Alpha', 'Power Up III: Attack of the Destroyers'.

Rob now wants me to write "the movies" as it were - LOL.

He also declared that he thinks my next book should be comedy horror or comedy fantasy a la Tom Holt or Christopher Moore, because I haven't done that yet (apart from Chip Off the Old Block? which is only a short). I do love my darling's faith in my ability to tackle any genre, but I'm not sure I'm up to a whole novel/novella. We'll have to see.

FYI 'Me, Myself and I' will be free in hopes of sucking you all in to a new series (Dark Reflections) and I'm about of a third the way through the second one, so hopefully, by the time Amazon price matches the damn thing, #2 will be there to take full advantage (although I have to finish Soul Reader #3 first which is almost done, just sex left to write).

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