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Random of randoms ...

Speculoos on crusty white bread with lashing of (light) butter like spread ... heaven.

Also, James McAvoy is adorable and hilarious. After his antics at the Empire Awards I find myself giggling at the most random moments just from thinking about it. In case you missed it, when asked about X-men FC and the chemistry between himself and Michael Fassbender, his response was (and I kid you not): "We had sex every morning and that helped, y'know."

Empire did not manage to produce a photo of the two together, however, well unless they plan on springing it on us at a later date.

James also needs Tom Hiddleston to teach him how to tie a tie - see.

And no, that wasn't just a feeble excuse to post pictures of two of my favourite actors ... not at all ;).

For those who also missed it, Tom Hiddleston won Best Male Newcomer at the Empire Awards and then proceeded to apologise for being the oldest nominee in his acceptance speech. He really is adorable, just like James.

I'm supposed to be working on the cover for my new short story, but I might actually be making a Muppet Avengers poster with Loki bang in the middle. This is all Tom Hiddleston's fault. I do, however, look on it as practising my Photoshop skills and that's the excuse I'm sticking to. Everyone else can see Miss Piggy as Black Widow, right?

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