Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

New Competwition to win Cat's Call and Cat's Creation

Wittegen Press (my company) has a new competwition to win Cat's Call and Cat's Creation, the two current books in The Chronicles of Charlie Waterman by me.

We're offering three eBook bundles of the two books as prizes over here at competwition.

What is a competwition, other than an obvious spelling mistake? Well it is a very nifty way to run a competition on Twitter. All you have to do is sign in with twitter, click one button and you're entered. The click automatically subscribes you to @wittegenpress, our company twitter, and tweets about the competition on your account.

If you win you will be contacted by us via twitter once the competition has closed on the 2nd April. Competwition is a great site and well worth checking out for lots of lovely prizes.

If you don't want to enter, but wouldn't mind tweeting about it, I would love you forever for using this message:

Win the 5*-rated 'Chronicles of Charlie Waterman' #eBook bundle from Wittegen Press! Enter free at

Thank you *hugs*

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