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Dreams and other stuff.

Wow, I was having weird dreams last night. Something to do with a doctors office I think and then going somewhere else and I'm pretty sure there was a chase of some kind. The details are murky now. However, Tom Hiddleston was in it, so I count it as a win :D.

I keep eyeing the Captain America Blu-ray on Amazon. I already caved and bought the Thor one. The problem with CA was I put it on my wishlist before Christmas and it disappeared off it, but I never got it. So I'm wondering if something went wrong, or if I have a relation out there I only see once a year who will suddenly produce it out of the blue (this has happened before - I have two copies of some DVDs to prove it :)). I may just go 'screw it' and buy it anyway next month, because my mummy is giving me an Amazon voucher for Easter - patience, thy name is not Tasha! ;)

For those who missed it yesterday, my new book Cat's Creation Cat's Creation by Natasha Duncan-Drake is out. It's the sequel to Cat's Call Cat's Call by Natasha Duncan-Drake and it's novel length (~68K), YA, contemporary fantasy. Lots of magic and adventure for all ages to enjoy.

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