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Fic: Cat's Creation (Chronicles of Charlie Waterman #2) by Natasha Duncan-Drake

My new book is out today. This is the sequel to Cat's Call for all those who have been waiting for it.

NEW From Wittegen Press The Chronicles of Charlie Waterman eBook: Cat's Creation by Natasha Duncan-Drake Available 22 March 2012

 Cat's Creation by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Cat's Creation (The Chronicles of Charlie Waterman #2)
By Natasha Duncan-Drake

Genre:  Contemporary Fantasy, YA, Length:  Novel (~68,000wds)

Date Pub:  22 March 2012, Available NOW from: Smashwords - $2.99, Amazon $2.99, £1.53, €2.68
Coming Soon from: Barnes and Noble, Diesel, Sony, Kobo, WH Smith, Google Books

ISBN:  ISBN 978-1-908333-31-5, ISBN 978-1-908333-30-8

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Description:  Life goes on for the residents of Between as they struggle to recover from the events that could have destroyed their home and that have left a gaping hole in the structure of their world. As one of the leaders of the Questors, Charlie feels responsible for helping to keep them strong and together, but he's not sure how. Added to that, his magic is being difficult and there is another task to deal with; one that requires all seven Questors and that will take them to, Mydarec, a world run by mafia-style families, where sorcerers and vampires are a part of every-day living. Forced to play a role that could cost him his life and plagued by a vision of death, Charlie must struggle to overcome his own insecurities and, with his friends, figure out why they have been sent to such a dangerous world.

You do not need an eReader to view this publication; there are Kindle aps available for most devices as well as formats for other eReaders, devices and PC.


"We have other properties to see," Alexander said as soon as he read Ford's new figure, "good day, Mr Ford."

The shocked expression on Ford's face was priceless as Alexander turned away.

"Wait, wait," Ford said, stumbling over himself and hurriedly did something on the device before literally handing it to Alexander.

Now Alexander turned to face the other man properly again.

"That seems more reasonable, however I will need certain provisions if we are to close this business deal."

Ford could not hide his relief at that and for a brief moment Charlie thought he might actually have glimpsed the man behind the facade. Alexander looked poised to strike and Charlie almost felt sorry for the estate agent as the two prepared to duel it out for the house.

However, he couldn't help noticing that Ford kept looking at him out of the corner of his eye, even though most of the man's attention was on Alexander. It was abundantly clear that something about him had Ford completely on edge, which, given he was the least well armed of their whole group, was odd. On impulse he smiled at the estate agent and watched Ford go incredibly pale. It was unsettling to have such an effect, but useful, never the less.

"Call off your dog," Ford said, voice quavering, "please, I get it, you want the house. All I ask is a fair price."

"After an insult like that it had better be very fair," Charlie said, not appreciating the comment at all.

The man's eyes opened wide in shock and terror and Charlie could see Ford visibly shaking. He was pretty sure he had just stomped over local form, but he also knew backing down would hinder their negotiations, so he stepped closer instead. Ford shrank away and Charlie smiled again, since it seemed to unsettle the agent so much. He only stopped when Alexander placed a hand lightly on his shoulder and a quick flick of eyes towards the back of the room was the only communication between them. He nodded and turned, playing what he was figuring out was his part as well as he could, and stepped away to leave Alexander to buy the house.

"Do not assume to know me or my people," Alexander said, voice just above absolute zero, "it will make trouble for you, you do not want."

"I'm sorry," Ford stuttered, "I'm not used to foreigners."

"Get used to it," Alexander replied as Charlie took up a position at the back wall.

He really had no idea what he was doing, but he leant back and looked casual, keeping his eyes on the man even though there was distance between them. Why he scared Ford quite so much was a question that needed answering, but it wasn't as if they could just come out and ask. As Alexander negotiated, Charlie started sifting through the information in his head to see what he could come up with. Nothing

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    As life goes on for the residents of Between, Charlie feels responsible for helping to keep them strong and together, but he's not sure how. Their second task will take the Questors to, Mydarec, a mafia-style planet where magic is commonplace. Forced to play a role that could kill him, Charlie must overcome his own insecurities and help figure out why they have been sent to such a dangerous world. Click to see full listing and downloading options for Cat's Creation (links to Wittegen Press site)


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