Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Corruption of beloved complete!

My husband is entirely corrupted by "the slash". I mean I've known for a long time I had him at least partially corrupted, ever since he tried slashing Pooh and Piglet in his head, but I now have irrefutable proof.

He's doing the last read through of my new novel "Cat's Creation" for me (should be out next week) since he's very good at finding the bits that don't make sense unless you have all the canon in your head. He always forgets the details, so he's the perfect sounding board :).

Last night after he'd read a couple of chapters he wanted to know where the missing chapter was - the one where Charlie and Alexander had sex. He's slashing my characters in his head, my life's work is complete - LOL.

For those who haven't read "Cat's Call" and know nothing about Charlie and Alexander, Alexander does happen to be gay, but Charlie is a slightly geeky straight boy I just like putting in awkward situations :).

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