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Yes, I'm late again, sorry. Been doing the last edits on my new book and then on Monday I had to upgrade (the software we use has no auto upgrade; it's manual) and remove malware from several of my eFiction sites (I hate hackers).

So Happy Birthday to:

seremanwe, noagirl, kagyakusha and tc_anderson for the 12th.
sugata /[personal profile] sugata and silvery_nymph for yesterday,
kupukello, bookworm_2005 and [personal profile] blaidd_drwg for today,
anna_blue, gameazel and krysnel_nicavis for tomorrow,
inmyth, sapphirequill, inmyth, assassinofjoy, joyslin, sapphirequill, feeprinzessin, digitallace and cephalopinguin for the 16th,
lily_firebolt, avioletmermaid, yaoisex, phoenixtorte, etacanis/[personal profile] etacanis, [personal profile] patcchi and [personal profile] passer for the 17th and
quillofdri and filmatleven/[personal profile] cinnatart for the 18th

Many Happy Returns to you all

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