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Amazon appears to have gone totally screwy...

This month Amazon finally did something right, they altered their web reports so that we authors can see how many sales we have made and how many promotional/price matched downloads have occurred.

Yay! I thought to myself. Only weird stuff it going on. My book Forgotten Soul is price matched to be free and as far as I can tell this has not changed at all. Every time I look it is still 0.00. However, on my report I have had 28 sales in the US and 10 sales in the UK over the last two days as well as all the free downloads.

These "buys" seem to be happening at random times along with the free downloads, but not at the same time as free downloads, hence I don't think they're the same ones being counted twice.

1) I have no idea how this could happen.
2) If it's even real or a glitch because there is no other way to check my sales.
3) If it's a glitch how it is affecting my book ranking, which in turn affects my normal sales. The book has dropped out of the top 100 on the US site or just pops in at 100 occasionally when it was sitting at around #65 all the time, which is not good. One or two book downloads actually make a lot of difference in ranking.

I've sent them a support email and we shall see what they say. This is most frustrating.

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