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Randomness and the Avengers.

Saw "The Woman in Black" again last night - just as scary as the first time, only I made myself watch all the bits where I was hiding behind my jacket last time :). Dan really does a fabulous job of carrying the movie and each shot is so beautifully framed.

I now have the urge to run off and write a shit scary short story.

Also saw "Holy Flying Circus" this week - Rob saw it on the plane, but missed the end so wanted to see it. Very funny. It's about the release of "Life of Brian" in case anyone was wondering and the actors portraying the Pythons are hilarious.

Having the Dyson fixed today so that is doesn't sound like a banshee anymore. The service person is supposed to be coming by before 1pm.

Soph ([personal profile] thwax) has done a great post on the Paypal issue regarding them demanding that sellers not sell certain kinds of erotica. Censorship – credit card companies are burning our books. I was going to do one of my own, but basically my stance is, 'what she says'. There is also a petition here to try and stop it, because if we let what is essentially a bank dictate content what will be next to go? Personal morals aside, whether you want to read about this stuff or not, it's legal and hence no one has a right to force a ban. Individual retailers have a right to decide what they sell, but not be forced into it by a payment provider.

My Loki obsession is still going strong. I've gone from someone who didn't care that the Avengers movie was coming out, to someone who wants to see it NOW ... well except for the fact that I have a fic brewing and I want to finish that first before its Jossed. I have over 300 piccies in my Avengers folder already and most of those are Tom Hiddleston. I also love the fact that he has a twitter and is not afraid to use it :). He comes across as a genuinely nice chap.

As [personal profile] temaris pointed out, the new poster for Avengers, which in the UK is now called Avengers Assemble, is somewhat lacking in aesthetic beauty. Frankly it looks like it was put together by the intern and it has pretty people in it they seem to think that makes it okay. It doesn't have Loki though, so I protest - strongly!

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