Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Birthdays - so sorry for being so behind

I meant to do this yesterday, but ended up sidetracked, so here goes.

Happy Birthday to:
emruascat and [personal profile] slashpervert for the 13th,
strchsr, ella_bane and [personal profile] lookingatthestars for the 14th,
serpentmalfoy for the 15th,
lovebug2867, geeky_goddess79 and sulky_rhino for the 16th,
akira17/[personal profile] akira17 for the 17th,
lishel_fracrium and willowbell for the 18th,
vonnie_d, eurothrashed , [personal profile] fasterthanmygun and [personal profile] quietliban for the 19th,
gilith_ramaloce and gummibearthief for the 20th,
emmymay and bellieal for the 21st,
remydesire, fodirteg/[personal profile] fodirteg and who_la_hoop for the 22nd,
josephsaren, xandutch/[personal profile] xandutch and dollface_uk
[personal profile] avictoriangirl for the 23rd,
divine_evil for the 25th,
[personal profile] syrosis for the 26th,
alyse/[personal profile] alyse for yesterday,
quicksilvereyes, dk_labyrinth and [personal profile] lady81bird for today,
madam_malicia for the 2nd,
vickyverce, mary_re , briel_morrigan, sparklinblossom and [profile] mindytindywindy for the 3rd and
taligator, sha01001 and [personal profile] ladydark1 for the 4th

Many Happy returns to you all.

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