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Sorry I've been mostly AFK for the last week and a half; my shoulder was really giving me trouble. Last week I could barely sit at the computer at all and this week I couldn't type for more than a few minutes at a time without there being significant pain. However, I believe it's finally on the mend. I can actually type today without having to stop every five mins - yay! Still can't do the two covers I need to do because using the stylus at that angle would be a really bad idea, but I can get back to sorting out "Cat's Creation".

I also seem to have developed a small Loki obsession ... okay, it's not that small, in fact I may be working my way through every fic on AO3 that has Loki in it. This obsession is boarding on my Cherik (X-men FC) obsession and my brain is currently trying to merge the two.

Anyone have any Loki fic recs - don't care about the pairing, as long as Loki is in the fic. Happy endings please, though - the ones with angst, angst and more angst or tragedy at the end make my heart ache. I really enjoy the fics where Loki stops being the bad guy and starts to sort out his daddy issues, but that is not a requirement. Loki being bad has appeal too.

I really loved the one where Coulson hired Loki to be a SHIELD agent and had to try and keep the information from everybody, but Loki's idea of covert ops isn't really what anyone else would think and the Avengers start getting bored because he's too good at the job. It was pure genius and the one where Loki's magic goes out of control when he had hiccups is hilarious. The one where he falls to earth and ends up living with a human family whose town is overrun by magic that no one seems to notice is also absolutely fantastic. So much great fic - kept me entertained while I couldn't type :).

Links to the fics I mentioned all on AO3:
"The Undercover Boogie"
The Hiccups
Family Ties *be aware, this had 37 chapters and you will not be able to stop reading, so make sure you have time :)*

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