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Looking for review blogs

Dear all knowing flist, I was wondering if you could recommend me some book review blogs. I'm looking to submit my latest two books for review and I have been Googling and looking around, but I find personal recommendations can be much more helpful. I have a few potentials I think I shall send to from my Googling, but if there are any you think are great, I would be most grateful for links, please.

Both books are eBook format only and of course they come under indie/self pub. It has been most frustrating getting to the small print on some site to find it saying no indies, although I can understand why :).

The first book I'm looking to submit is Advent. This is a vampire novel and I'd say it's late teen into adult crossover. No teen romance in this one. Nasty vamps, hard arsed vampire hunters, some magic and a struggle for survival. There are a couple of fade to black sex scenes, but nothing explicit.

The second is Forbidden Soul which is a vampire novella and comes under paranormal, gay romance/erotica.

Thank you very much in advance for any links to blogs/web pages you would recommend.

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