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Look what my clever hubby made for me for Christmas

Okay, so you probably know that I use my exercise bike every morning since I have wittered on about it before, and you have probably heard me bemoan that I cannot use my netbook while pedalling. Well no more! :)

Lookee what my wonderful husband has made and set up for me!

It's actually a monitor stand, part of an old Del computer, some velcro, a large jublilee clip (pipe clip), some plastic spacers, a heavy duty plant tie and a little bit of duct tape to smooth off the clip.

This is what it looks like in place for me to use it when I'm pedalling.

This is the back so you can see how everything attaches.

As you can see the monitor stand is clipped to the main stem of the bike's display, what you can't see it that plastic spacers are keeping it at the right distance. The jubilee clip is under the black duct tape to stop me impaling myself on the metal end, but the duct tape is not structural. The other end of the main pole of the monitor stand is then strapped to the handle bars of the bike using the plant tie. The stand for the netbook is the side of an old Del PC which is velcro'd to the monitor stand and has a couple of velcro points on the front for the netbook. All very neat.

The netbook is velcro'd on so that it can't slip off, so no chance of breakage, but I can remove it and use the shelf for my BeBook or for a book I'm reading as well, so it's very versatile. It also moves to the side as you can see in the first picture, although I can get on and off without having to shift it.

P.S. Post about my new book, Advent . In case you missed it.

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