Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Has anyone else's Nano counter gone wrong?

My NaNo counter was working fine, but then it didn't update correctly. It has my total correct, and the day and words remaining, but the words written today is incorrect - it says 182 and the total on the graph is wrong. Those two totals don't appear to have updated at all since my first update of the day which was 182 words.

[Edit : It seems to be a site wide problem - it apparently only updates you words today once at the moment. They are working on it.

For those desperate for a word counter that shows stuff correctly, I created an Excel spreadsheet (2007) to emulate what the NaNo engine does, although it's based on last years layout :). If anyone would like a copy I've put it up at the link below for download.

You have to have macros enabled for it to work and there are instructions on how it works typed into the first sheet.

The one I've uploaded has a start date of Nov01, so you don't need to use the reset button.

*hugs* to all word count starved NaNoers.

I use it to help me write all year round :) ]
Tags: info: nanowrimo

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