Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Hoh hum ... quite a weekend.

No writing was done this weekend, but Soph and my parents are now mostly moved in to their new house, and we went to one of my father's retirement parties on Sat eve, and of course it was Remembrance Sunday yesterday as well - a busy day for a vicarage family.

So basically I am knackered, but feeling accomplished. I have a lovely large graze on my knee where the dog pulled me over on their new drive. He'd been left at home while they moved most of the stuff and was a bit enthusiastic to see his mummy again. That dog is a huge wuss who can't bear it when his mummy isn't there (that would be my mother BTW :)). This can be excused in small dogs, but he's huge!

Need to do lots of writing today to catch, but it's Monday, so have to go shopping first.

Rob's just gone off to Germany for work. He's back tomorrow though, so not too long this time. Poor darling needs a rest because he's being doing all sorts of things to the new house for my parents. Can you believe one of the loos wasn't actually attached to the floor when they moved in? None of the showers were sealed properly either so water was leaking everywhere. And the best was the kitchen sink - it wasn't even fixed in the hole let alone sealed to prevent water getting into the counter top! He took it all out, replumbed everything because none of the piping had been secured or finished properly, and then fixed it in and sealed it properly.

He also had to make safe a whole load of electrics in the kitchen because they had left live wires hanging out the wall. He turned off the power and taped them all up and out the way so they won't electrocute anyone.

The whole house except for the conservatory and the decking was put together by bodge it and scarper, we reckon. Soph was in the shower yesterday morning and it blew the trip, so, because she was alone in the house at the time, she had to wander down stairs covered in suds and reset it. Rob looked online last night and it turns out the trip is set too low - it's on 32amp and it needs 40-45amp! So they'll have to get a sparky in to do that.

However, it is a lovely house. Lots of space and the kitchen might have needed a couple of tweeks, but it beautiful and spacious and easily fixable. The problems are numerous, but nothing major that it going to cause grief. The plumber is coming this week to fix the boiler (it was installed incorrectly so it's inefficient) and he came last week to put in the new stopcock (the old one didn't work any more - it was 1930s, like the house).

Now there is furniture in the rooms they look so much bigger too. The house it also only 15 doors up from me and Rob :) so I can wander up there quite easily. Mummy and Daddy are going to be moving in the last of the kitchen stuff and lots of clothes today. Then that should leave mostly just books in the old house.
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