Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

hmmm ...

Well I've knocked today's NaNo word count on the head and figured out large parts of the story - yay :)

Then, thanks to alyse I found the new look for Gmail. Not sure if I like it or not :).
Once I discovered the compact option I was much happier, even though I have three screens I like my mail headers close together, but the themes are not overly good and it's not as easy to tell what you want to do. For a start they've hidden the create a filter bit under the search box that you can't see until you use the search box, which is counter intuitive.

P.S. Last day I can guarantee you can get Face of the Dead for free from Smashwords if anyone wants to download it. Use the code DG88V when you check out to get the 100% discount. The code is set to expire on the 3rd and since this is the first time I have used one properly I have no idea if that means you can use it on the 3rd or the moment the clock ticks over it cancels it :). Hence, if you would like the story for free, please download it today. *hugs*
Tags: info: gmail, info: nanowrimo

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