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TW: Face of the Dead, m/m, horror, adult content

As I mentioned yesterday on my LJ I have a new short story out for Halloween. It's available free from Smashwords as a Halloween giveaway until the 3rd Nov using coupon code DG88V. It's normal price is 99c, but if you would like it free, download it now :).

Please be aware this title has Adult Content
Face of the Dead by Natasha Duncan-Drake Title:
Author(s):Tasha D-Drake
Date Pub: 26th October 2011
Length: short story (9.5K wds)
Genre: Horror, Adult, Male/Male, Paranormal, Ghost story
Buying Options:
Amazon UK£0.86Kindle
Amazon US$0.99
Amazon DEEUR 0.99
Smashwords$0.99 100% off for Halloween with this coupon DG88V
ePub, PDF, mobi(Kindle), rtf, ltf(Sony), Palm Doc, Plain txt
ISBN 978-1-908333-05-6
Description: Old houses creak and groan and make noises. Miles had expected that when he bought the farmhouse, but the tapping on the windows is a bit of a shock the first night he moves in. Of course there has to be a rational explanation and Miles is determined to find it, which would be easier if things didn't keep getting stranger.
You do not need an eReader to view this publication; there are Kindle aps available for most devices as well as formats for other eReaders, devices and PC. Please see FAQ item 11 for more info.


The way the sound resonated it could only be one thing and he stared straight ahead, refusing to look behind him at the large window. The even, rhythmic tapping sounded again and he just knew it was someone tapping on the glass. He could not explain why that thought scared him rigid.

"You're a moron," he scolded himself and tried to push away the fear.

There were lots of things it could be, a branch or a piece of ivy in the wind, or even Mrs Baines come back to check on him. He was being ridiculous and he refused to be made a fool of by his own mind.
If you read and enjoy this title, please consider reviewing it at Smashwords or Amazon. Thank you.
Tags: info: book writing, info: ebooks, info: fic writing, info: wittegen press, type: fiction

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