Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Good stuff and not so good stuff

Well the good stuff is that Forgotten Soul had a great review from Brief Encounters - the short story reviewing website :). Click here if you would like to see the whole review.

The not so good stuff is that I'm logging off now and am going to spend the day trying to convince my shoulder it likes me again. I think I wrenched it when I slipped on the stairs last week and it's been really giving me problems over the last few days. I can feel it beginning to hurt again now, hence the logging off thing. I have heat patches and I didn't go online yesterday after lunch time, which seemed to help, so I hope if I give it today it might stop complaining.

Wish me luck.

It is also most annoying because I planned my first foray into chutney making this week and I can't do it because I can't chop anything. It had to be my right shoulder that started playing silly whatsits.

I'm going to go and ride the exercise bike now - that doesn't require my shoulder to move! :P
Tags: info: general, info: wittegen press

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