Beren (beren_writes) wrote,


So sorry to not have done this for three weeks - I was in Yorkshire with a flakey internet connection and then last week I totally forgot. Please forgive me. *hugs*

Happy Birthday to:
charmed310, clear_stream18 and jeanne8917 for the 3rd,
silver04 and thoughtful_kaos for the 4th,
spark_of_chaos and cruisecontrolx for the 5th,
honeycakehorse, n0b0dys_ang31 and elethoniel for the 6th,
caitlen and raphsody606 for the 7th,
shopfront and nightshade24 for the 8th,
katfusion and dark_crystal_6 for the 9th,
ev01pixy, kitty_bamboo and dracosoftie for the 10th,
psychobarfly and anulira for the 11th,
tyger66 for the 12th,
ninasis, mafan, ravenfrog , babydyke1319 and playingwithfyre for the 13th,
mrs_e_cat and thesaltywench for the 14th,
cordelia_hunter, dragonfly_lily and miyu_th for the 15th,
hellgirldeity for yesterday,
pixie_pan, tigressa1 and pixie_pan for today,
sansura for tomorrow,
silvainshadows and vigdis_vale for the 20th,
a_worn_pun, gatewaygirl and moth2fic for the 21st and
loony_moony, duendeoflorien, seaghostsoaring, jazz_s_shadow, seaghostsoaring, alafaye and synkkaenkeli for the 23rd

Many Happy returns to you all.

If I have missed you, I apologise, please drop me a note an LMK, I will add you immediately.
Conversely if you no longer wish to be on my list please also LMK.
Tags: info: birthdays

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