Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

So, I've been on hols ...

Sorry I didn't mention it before, but the whole family was away and I didn't want to broadcast it all over the place :).
We were in Yorkshire and it was lovely (except the beds which were hard) and then Soph and I were at connotations this weekend, which was brilliant!

It was so nice to see all the familiar faces again and to once again see it proved we don't all have to agree to be a community :). Of course some of the debates were about whether it was possible to see William Shatner in a sexual role, but such are the depths we had to sometimes plumb ;).

There was much loving of fandoms and sharing of said love and discussion about why jam should never be brought up in Sherlock Holmes fandom - any of them ;). X-men FC rocks and Claire's dramatic recreation of parts of it were simply superb. It turns out My Little Pony fandom is adorable, Transformers fandom is twisted, Wild Wild West (the TV show not the movie) is apparently awesome and has lots of tying up in leather, I really must check out the Psycops books, Husbands is brilliant (but I already knew that), false beards make Starks/Steve Rogers understandable and even more awesome and the radio show with Benedict Cumberbatch (the name escapes me) should definitely be listened to. Not that I needed any new fandoms of course.

I pimped The Listener. I wish someone would write fic ... just a little and I'm not fussy about the pairing.

The badfic panel went really well and was a lot of fun to do.

Having just looked up Wild Wild West on Amazon ... why does it think because I like that I would want Dukes of Hazzard? Sometimes I have to wonder about Amazon's algorithms.
Tags: info: connotations

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