Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Greetings all :D

Today is the 20th anniversary of Rob and my first date :) It's easy to remember because we met as apprentices for BAE Space Systems before we went to Uni and it was our first payday ::g::. Rob took me to a lovely Chinese restaurant ... wonder if it's still there? We're having a few friends over to celebrate since it's such a nice round number ::g::.

Yesterday was shopping and house cleaning and today has been house cleaning, but I think I'm almost done. Only problem is I've managed to turn the Dyson in to a Banshee. I think it has a peanut stuck somewhere, but only Rob knows how to take it apart. Well, I could probably take it apart, but there would be no guarantee it would ever work again if I did. Luckily he is coming home from work early today and will be able to fix it so I can finish the carpets.

Have a young woman from my choir moving into the spare room today, poor lass is an Au Pair and has had some issues with her family. She's going to be staying with us until she can find a new one. She's a lovely girl and the poor thing was in tears on Sunday after church because she'd been told she had to get out by Wednesday and didn't have anywhere to go.

On a happier note, to the Birthdays for this week.
Happy Birthday to:

pombagira, tsukired and rscreighton for yesterday,
hearts_n_roses, fayaslam, the lovely dacro, ellione and sammyjohunt for tomorrow,
heliopath, lerah99, simmysim, zellieh, darkcuriosity and tikiaceae for the 29th,
the fabulous moonlettuce, cracknanny and queendaeva for the 30th,
ikchen and xoxhavokxox for the 1st and
evening_star for the 2nd

Many Happy Returns to you all.

If I am missing you from my list, so sorry, please do let me know and I will happily add you in. *hugs*
Tags: info: birthdays, info: general

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