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Poll about badfic

Okay, so Soph and I have foolishly volunteered to do the Badfic (click for Fanlore definition) panel at connotations this year. Hence we have to do research ::g::. I think I may need brain bleach after this is over, that or find myself a sympathetic Charles Xavier all of my own and ask him to wipe my memory for me ;).

Soph and I have been plotting, but we need some help. All answers, including the poll and comments are screened, but they will be revealed in another post after Connotations for all those not going (hence the last question about whether you would like your name associated with your answers :)).

The poll is a starting point, but please, if you have links to badifc or would like to expand on your answers to the poll, feel free to do so in comments. In fact, we'd be eternally grateful if you did.

We're focussing the poll on sex done badly, but examples of other types of badfic would be magnificent as well, thank you. Preferably slash, but a little bit of het creeping in is okay too, if it's really bad :).

If you do not have an LJ account, never fear, you can still fill out the poll, just copy and paste the contents of the following text area into an email and send it to

Poll #1780844 Bad fic panel

What is the worst Marty Stu (male version of Mary Sue) name that you have ever come across/can think of?

What is the worst/purplest description of a male character you have ever come across? (golden locks, cerulean blue eyes (I've actually seen that work well once) etc)

What is the worst location for sex you have ever read? (on a glacier etc)

What is the most inappropriate 'costume' you have ever read about? (e.g. bunny ears in the middle of huge man pain)

What is the worst substance used as lube? (e.g. super glue)

Worst object used as a sex toy? (e.g. things with spikes)

Worst name for/description of a penis? (e.g. sperm javelin)

Worst names for/description of an anus? (e.g. brown rosebud)

Worst mistake in prose that causes physical impossibility (unless we're talking mutants)? (e.g. someone ends up with three hands)

Worst example of man pain? (e.g. worst time for manly tears)

Worst implemented kink? (y'know like having anal sex with a virgin with no prep, but way worse because someone hasn't done their homework)

Worst description of a climax? (e.g. stuttering fountains of creamy joy)

When the poll results are revealed do you mind your name being mentioned?

No - I don't mind at all
Yes - please don't mention my name

Please help us spread the word:

beren_writes and thwax need your help about Badfic (click for Fanlore definition). If you would like to play, please run along to this post to fill out their Badfic poll. Thank you :D
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