Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

The exercise routine appears to be working - yay!

I'm up to 30 mins on the bike in the mornings now and I don't fall off in a heap at the end :). Bits of me are distinctly less wide and less wobbly too, some bits I would not have expected actually.

My heartrate is down by 25 BPM to what it was when I first started at the end of each cycle as well. This was my main aim, to make sure my heart was healthier, so I'm very pleased.

Not there yet, but getting there, so I hope things will continue to improve :). I quite enjoy my little reading sessions in the mornings now, although I still hate using the weights, which I've just added back in now that the bike doesn't make me want to crawl away and die ::g::.
Tags: info: general

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