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Coming next week, paranormal M/M e-short: The Need In Me

This is Soph's new short :)

Originally posted by thwax at Coming next week, paranormal M/M e-short: The Need In Me
The Need In Me
by Sophie Duncan

When artist, Rob, moves into a new flat in London, he discovers that he is not alone. Who is haunting him and turning his nights into erotic trysts?

The room was pitch black, it was impossible that he was seeing anything, but Rob saw the outline of a man, a young man in garb that came from centuries earlier than even the house he was in. Fear meant he didn't want to look, but Rob was transfixed and slowly he ran his gaze up the vague body. When his eyes met a pair that were glowing with anger, Rob cowered, but his terror did not stop their owner. Suddenly his tormentor was moving forward and then Rob screamed.

However, Rob's cry died in his throat as his whole body went cold and his mind was filled with images and sensation. He gasped as his body erupted with pleasure...
Tags: info: wittegen press

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