Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Pottermore ... hmmm

Okay so I mentioned this on Twitter and I thought I'd mention it here ... does anyone find some of the gathering of items, especially the Galleons morally dubious.

Example, if I found money lying around somewhere I would attempt to find out who it belonged to, I would never, ever just pocket it unless there were exceptional circumstances. I know Pottermore is a game, but the whole finding Galleons and just picking them up bothers me, especially since one of them fell out of a drawer!

Then as seiyaharris mentioned, sometimes you pick up items out of places you would never normally just take them from. Books from bags for a start. It feels wrong to me.

I've no problem collecting potions ingredients and books from the library, but some of the other bits worry me a little, especially since this is a game for kids. I think puzzles to earn galleons would be far better than randomly picking them up.

I like the idea of finding the chocolate frog cards, that's great, they're abstract, but some of the other stuff is not so cool.

Maybe I'm taking it too seriously, but when I found my first Galleon I felt bad about it.

P.S. Is there anyway to leave feedback other than the stupid form which has no comment box?
Tags: fandom: harry potter, info: pottermore

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