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TW: Film Rec: New Blood (aka The Thirst: Blood War)

Okay, so another vampire movie rec :).

Now this is another one that has two names, in the UK it's called "New Blood" and in the US it's called "The Thirst: Blood War" - well according to IMDB anyway. Why the US cover looks like one on the right below I have no idea because I don't recognise any of that from the film and the UK cover actually had the hero on it.

So, first of all this is not a high budget movie and occasionally there are the cheesiest lines known to man. On the DVD version I have, the part before where the menu to play the film comes up almost made me turn it off that second. My advice - don't let it put you off.

The film is actually well plotted, the cast do well and the characters are actually likeable. A.J. Draven is brilliant as Will (the hero) and Tony Todd plays a nicely over the top Master vampire. When I started watching I thought I was going to cringe all the way through - especially after the first scene, but the moment Will hit the screen everything was much better. He and Rico (Owiso Odera) and Jayne (Allison Lange) make the movie for me and Amelia (America Olivo) is great once she gets into her stride.

No idea why C. Thomas Howell is in it - he shows up as a red neck and gets killed within about five mins, so heaven knows why he took the part. Maybe he was bored??!!!!

So, you're probably wondering what it's about :). Will is a hippy college boy (vegetarian, does Tai Chi, totally into non-violence) whose room mate is the opposite, in that he's an army type guy. They are the odd couple and it is one of the genius parts of the movie. As the movie goes on we also learn why Will is like he is without it being rammed down our throats like a moral or something.

Thanks to a moron of a frat boy with anger management issues and a hard on for Will's girfriend, Will ends up in the middle of a war between vampires and Sentries who are ancient enemies. He is tested with power and temptation and the outcome has significant consequences for both sides.

The plot has some nice loops and connections in it and it really felt as if someone had thought about this one. There are moments of cute comedy and some kick-ass martial arts towards to end. Every once is a while the script writer had a moment of purple that spills out of someone's mouth (usually a vamp) and for some reason vampires all have to wear black, but it's forgiveable. I'd recommend this movie to vampire fans.

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