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Not sure how I managed to totally forget this last week, please forgive me. Rob's been away for two weeks and I haven't been sleeping and so I've been a bit distracted. Had my first good night's sleep last night, thank heavens, now that Rob's home :).

Happy Birthday to:

ravencloud for the 8th,
darkprincedm, duowolf and rivetc for the 9th,
aureliades for the 10th,
sibylle, awaywithpixie, a_brighter_dawn and xanateria for the 11th,
niceskitzo, emmagrant01, icynow, fairyspell, gefingerpoken, dangerous_47. annelislashfan and snitcheyes411 for the 12th,
batgirl52 for the 13th,
pandora_gold and silvertoekee for the 14th,
thrnbrooke for today,
moblo413, innusiq, 413_fic and mysteriousnyx for tomorrow,
graculus for the 17th,
firewolfsg_fic, epigram and kelahnus_24 for the 18th,
vichan, tarotemp, muerteoctomonky, nico1908 and faradheia for the 19th,
laureselde and save_le_empire for the 20th and
silkmoth101 for the 21st

Many Happy Returns to you all
Tags: info: birthdays

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