Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Well I joined up to Pottermore :)

I am LumosFloo7 - no welcome email yet, but I definitely have a validate account :)

Now on to the real reason I'm posting :)

Happy Birthday to:

tehlils, lrndng and leebenoit for yesterday,
damn_imasquib, sang_dencre , nymphetamine_x_ and serpentsortiam for today,
erisedraine and justinssunshine for tomorrow,
winstonmom and sorry4mydickery for the 4th,
michelle_3302, nekoeyes, indigo_kitti and kittie8571 for the 5th,
reseh, ma_chelle and emseviltwin for the 6th and
leairan, fairyteen8 and knw for the 7th
Tags: fandom: harry potter, info: birthdays

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